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Infinite Inner Wealth Mentor

How to access inner calm on-demand and live in “The Zone” is one of our most popular programs

Rafael is often called “The Millionaire’s Shaman” by his clients because of his powerful personal fulfillment and financial wealth formula. Rafael walks his talk having created an extraordinary life of living in a tropical island paradise, sailing the Thailand archipelago with his family, and enjoying the big city experience from his Bangkok Ritz Carlton residence. He truly knows how to thrive in “The Matrix” of today’s hectic modern world.

“There is no need to struggle. Pushing harder is not the answer. You can thrive without the burnout and hurting our planet. The problem is that most people are only operating at a fraction of their full potential.
My job is to change all that.”

Rafael regularly takes millionaires, coaches and everyday people from stressed, overwhelmed and stuck, to clear, calm, fully alive, and making extraordinary contributions in business, personal development and the world at large.
What makes Rafael’s work so revolutionary is that he combines the most effective knowledge and techniques from the latest Neuro & Behavioral Sciences, Molecular Genetics & Biochemistry, as well as, Modern Shamanism & Eastern Mysticism, with his own remarkable business success, as an Intuitive Entrepreneur.

How to access inner calm on-demand and live in “The Zone” is one of our most popular programs


Breakfree from the Gravity of Struggle & Burnout to Effortlessly THRIVE with Health, Wealth, Joy and Love!

"Our minds are like old computer programs that are full of bugs, viruses and outdated apps. Learning how to turn off the noise and problems is the first step in being able to find solutions and live In peace."