It is just as dangerous, as it is powerful....

Leading Ayahuasca Expert Rafael Aisner Shares the #1 Thing
You Need to do to Stay Safe with Ayahuasca!

Rafael & his wife Jantra have over 35 years experience and completed over 25,000 hours of medicine research in the therapeutic use of Ayahuasca and other Psychedelic Medicines
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Therapeutic use of Ayahuasca can lead you to Effortless Happiness, Success and Enlightenment. But so Many People are getting lost in the Aya Dream World thinking its REAL, including traditional Shamans. If you don't prepare yourself properly with the right intention and proper surroundings, and if you don't have a skilled facilitator you can have a terrible experience. Or worse, a dream experience so fantastic and desirable that you confuse your fantasies for reality!  Done right though, you can experience major breakthroughs. Rafael and Jantra have helped hundreds of people release their inner traumas safely to feel free and at peace with themselves.
Not only that, they have personally unlocked the secrets to creating effortless happiness together with financial success in their own lives. Rafael & Jantra are often called “The Millionaire’s Shamans” because they teach and demonstrate that when you clear your inner blocks, you open the door to lifelong happiness and receiving an abundance of success and wealth with minimal effort. They walk their talk having created an extraordinary life of living in a tropical island paradise, sailing the Thailand archipelago and enjoying the big city experience from their Bangkok Ritz Carlton Residence.

Rafael & Jantra now guide people with Ayahuasca & other natural legal plant medicines, at their Luxury Retreats in Peru on how to struggle less and rather create more success with a lot less effort. Massive action can only take you so far. Clearing your inner blocks to happiness and abundance with psychoactive medicines is the fast track to thriving in life without the burnout and sacrifices.

Why is Ayahuasca so popular and being studied by
Medical Research Centres around the globe?

Ayahuasca can help you clear decades of anger, fear, shame and guilt in as little as 1 to 3 expertly guided sessions. Traditional Psychotherapy, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Counselling, Coaching and Anti-depression treatments can take many years to clear anxiety, depression, repressed childhood or adult trauma and low self-worth. In comparison, expertly guided Ayahuasca sessions can clear 80 to 90% of these issues in a matter of months when done with a highly trained and experienced facilitator. Rafael & Jantra have personally achieved this for themselves and hundreds of their clients. This is why there is such a resurgence in Psychedelic Therapy Research as it is becoming the most effective treatment for depression, anxiety, and PTSD to name a few.
Ayahuasca works so well because it turns on the lights brightly inside your psychology allowing you easily to see all your desires and fears clearly. So when a trauma or fear comes up to be cleared, you have to be able to stop your mind, centre yourself and see it as just a mental projection of a hidden emotion attached to an unprocessed experience. Then you can use the psychoactive medicine to dive into it with full awareness which then leads you to the acceptance and understandings that are so cathartic that the trauma literally dissolves before your eyes and is released, cleared and healed. That is how you use ayahuasca and all psychedelics safely as a therapeutic tool to enhance your life and I have helped hundreds people do just this.
Ayahuasca is a well established plant based medicine that has been used by Shaman’s for thousands of years for emotional and physical healing. Rafael has studied with Shaman’s from Peru, Mexico & Nepal including modern psychedelic psychologists & therapists to find the safest and most effective use of Ayahuasca and other natural plant based Psychedelics.

Why So Many People are Getting Lost in the Aya Dream World thinking
its REAL, including traditional Shamans

Interestingly, the human mind has become thousands of times more complex and advanced and needs a different approach to navigate your inner world safely. That is why established traditional Shaman techniques are no longer as effective as they used to be because they were developed to treat a less complex mind. That is why a more advanced understanding of the human mind and how to navigate it’s dysfunction using Ayahuasca is needed.

This is what Rafael & Jantra have pioneered and they freely share the #1 thing to keep you safe when using Ayahuasca with their free Stop and Reboot Your Mind Program - Click on the button below to access this now.

Only Work with an Experienced Facilitator Ayahuasca to ensure you have a safe and liberating experience

With all the clear benefits of Ayahuasca , Rafael & Jantra still strongly cautions against any use of Ayahuasca and Psychedelic medicines without the expert instruction and supervision of a suitably experienced facilitator. Why? Because used incorrectly or with a poorly experienced facilitator, patients can get lost in their inner traumas and even fantasies to create more mental and emotional problems than they started with.

How Did Rafael & Jantra Become the Leading Experts in Ayahuasca?

Rafael’s journey to becoming a world leading expert in the therapeutic use of Psycho Active Medicines is an interesting one. Rafael is an independent Bio Medical Research Scientist who is also a Certified Master Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Facilitator, Yoga Master, Meditation Expert, Breath Therapist and has studied Psychology, Human Behaviour & Shamanism for over 20 years. His frustration with the ineffectiveness in these techniques to create fast yet lasting breakthroughs in mental and emotional well-being led him to research the therapeutic use of Psychedelics.

In comparison, expertly guided Ayahuasca sessions can clear 80 to 90% of these issues in a matter of months when done with a highly trained and experienced facilitator. Rafael has personally achieved this for himself and hundreds of his clients. As mentioned earlier, that is why there is such a resurgence in Psychedelic Therapy Research because it is so effective in treating depression, anxiety, and PTSD. The American FDA is in stage 3 trials to approved Psychedelic prescription drugs for mental illness. The London Research Centre for Psychedelic Treatment is making great breakthroughs in using Ayahuasca and other Psychedelics for the treatment of depression, anxiety, anorexia and other conditions. In the next few years Psycho-Active Medicines will be an accepted and legal treatment that will available globally at mental health clinics and retreats.

Ayahuasca is currently legal in Peru and is an integral part Peruvian culture.