It is just as dangerous, as it is powerful....

Rafael & Jantra Aya Peru Retreats

The retreats we run in Peru are world class because no one is as thorough as we are ensuring you have a safe and trans formational experience using ayahuasca. 

Our 8 Step SafeAwakenings System is as follows:

  • Understanding Your Specific Needs (ApplicationInterview)
  • Preparing You Mentally & Emotionally BeforeArriving (SRYM + Emotional Wellness)
  • Physical Preparation at the Retreat
  • Journey 1 - Activating Your Body Intelligence& Opening Your Heart
  • Journey 2 – Showing you the Map of Your Mind& How to Explore it Safely
  • Journey 3 – Clearing SpecificLimitations to your Happiness, Success & Wellbeing
  • Journey 4 – Integrate YourLearnings, Centring & Balancing Yourself for a safe return home
  • Ongoing Support and integrationafter your leave

Understanding Your Specific Needs

We do thorough Application interview with you to understand you your specific challenges are, the reasons why you want to do ayahuasca, so that we can tailor our support to the outcomes you are looking for. This allows us to prepare you properly for your ayahuasca experience, and have our expert knowledge at the ready for the specific challenges you need help with. Very few people do this properly. Most retreats will just throw you straight into an ayahuasca experience without doing any screening of what your challenges are, any health checks and consequently people can leave with more problems and what they came in with! 

Ayahuasca is just as powerful as is dangerous. Why? Because it turns the lights on in your unconscious mind to show you things that are holding you back from more success,happiness and physical health. This can be confronting if not done with the correct preparation, intention and setting.

How we Keep You Safe

The essential skill you must also master before starting any Ayahuasca journey is that you need to know how to stop your mind on demand. Why? If you’re unable to stop an overactive mind when you enter Ayahuasca psychedelic world you can get stuck and even lost down a rabbit hole of an unconscious nightmare or fantasy. You can literally get lost inside your head not to mention opening up unresolved past events that you don’t know how to deal with. And blowing smoke in your face and rustling some beads or getting a drum, like some shamans do, does nothing for healing or dissolving these issues. It only distracts you in the moment from these past traumas, and leave them open and activated to play out in your life even more strongly when you leave the retreat. We make sure this never happens to you! 

We teach you how to turn your mind on and off as required when processing unconscious images feelings and experiences when you are on your Ayahuasca journey. This allows you to detach from the images and feelings you experience and see them from the place of the observer, see them as blockages in your mind, which allows them to dissolve and clear. But if you can’t ground yourself in your body you can literally get lost in your mind thinking you are talking to the ayahuasca plant spirit or the angels or even your worst nightmares.

We also teach you how to process your emotions before you come to the retreat. We teach you powerful emotional clearing techniques so that you have this skill for life, especially when you do your healing and integration work during the retreat and when you return home. 

Physical preparation before you attend is just as important. Ayahuasca can create a toxic reaction to certain chemicals in your body. That is why it is so important to go on a cleansing diet beforehand to remove as many of these chemicals from your body as possible. Many antidepressant medications can also cause toxic reaction from taking Ayahuasca. At our Safe Awakenings Retreats we always ensure you are well physically prepared. As part of our application interview we check if your diet or medications could negative impact your Ayahausca experiences, and advise on the appropriate precautions to take.

Set & Setting

A very important point to make is that we only run retreats and luxurious, comfortable environments because the setting, the environment you are in, massively imprints on your unconscious mind. If you do an Ayahuasca journey in a uncomfortable, smoky, hot, scary place like in the middle of the Amazon jungle, this can create extremely bad trips where those fears and the uncertainty and not feeling safe and the poverty environment, will show up during your journey because Ayahuasca shines a light on your fears as well as your desires. What a luxurious comfortable environment does is it makes your unconscious feel safe, nurtured, supported and the luxury imprints as your baseline environment to help you attract more of that into your life. This really helps in creating more abundance and success in your life. That’s why we strongly recommend never to do Ayahuasca in surroundings that are less than exceptional where you feel safe, nurtured and abundant.

Activating Your Body Intelligence & OpeningYour Heart

On your first psychedelic journey on the retreat we first activate your body intelligence and you will experience how your body so much vaster and more intelligence of your mind. We show you how to tap into this intelligence and how to use it in your everyday life. Our purpose is to align your mind intelligence and body intelligence together so they are no longer fighting each other. This creates a harmony, and balance within you and triggers vibrant physical health and self-healing. 

It also anchors you in your body which we will call your base camp, when doing psychedelic journeys. This is so important because to clear the blockages in your mind to having more happiness, success and abundance, you need to be able to stop your mind and feel anchored in your body.

On this journey we also show you the “back door to heaven” as described by many mystics. You will feel and experience the universal oneness, unconditional love and infinite potential that is available to you at any time. You will also understand first hand, how the only thing stopping you from living in this place on a daily basis is your MIND! You will see, feel and experience how your Mind disconnects you from your natural state of bliss, abundance and vibrant health. 

We always allow a day of integration, support and guidance between journeys so that you are re-centred and balanced before doing any more deeper work. Doing ayahuasca journeys back to back can create a lot of emotional and mental instability, which can amplify dormant problems rather than heal them.

Showing you the Map of Your Mind & How to Explore it Safely

On your second psychedelic journey on the retreat we use ayahuasca to show you the map of your unconscious mind and how to explore it safely. You need to know the 9 territories of the mind that you can access so you can always know where you are on a journey and what you want to work on. No other retreat does this. They throw you into an ayahuasca journey and you can run into a myriad of nightmares or fantasies that you think are real but are just projections of your mind that need to be healed. We teach you how to be in control of your journey, we teach you to navigate your unconscious mind safely and how to set intentions for specific breakthroughs.  

The purpose of this 2nd journey is not to clear anything, rather to become a skilled navigator of your unconscious mind so you can stay safe and in control.Again we follow this with a day of integration, support and guidance.

Clearing Specific Limitations to your Happiness, Success & Wellbeing

For your 3rd psychedelic experience, we specifically plan your journey with clear intention setting and knowing which part of the mind we are navigating too. We test that you can stop your mind and ground yourself in your body on demand before you start.

This journey is so powerful and amazing because we help you find and dissolve the major blockages in your mind that are sopping you from having more happiness, success and abundance. It is where we really transform your well-being and help you free yourself form limiting beliefs, traumas and patterns.

We are right by your side at every moment and we show you how to easily clear these blockages for life. You can clear a decade worth of excess mental and emotional baggage in just one journey. Again, the setting must be luxurious, the intention for healing clear, base camp (your body) fully anchored and your mind at your command ready to pause when needed.

Armed with these essential skills, the healing and transformations you can experience are life changing. My wife Jantra and myself have helped hundreds of people free themselves from every limiting issue imaginable to experience more joy, freedom, happiness and financial success. There is nothing we haven’t seen or worked with. We have over 15,000 hours of research and 30 years of experience with therapeutic healing using psychedelics. Rest assured you are in safe hands.

Integrate Your Learnings,Centring & Balancing Yourself for a safe return home

On your final psychedelic journey before returning home, we ensure you integrate your learnings and transformations. We give you further tools to centre and balance yourself so that you can go back to your family, to your work, to your business functioning more powerfully than when you arrived. 

This is where so many other ayahuasca retreat providers fail. They open up your unconscious mind with journey after journey, exposing hidden fears and repressed issues that are now out in the open, and then send you home. This is extremely dangerous and can lead to mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. We ensure this never happens. We make sure you clear any issues and show you how to close up your unconscious mind so that you are centred and grounded on your return.

Most importantly, you integrate all the valuable learnings, wisdoms and transformations your experience. You leave our retreats feeling lighter,happier, more connected to yourself, your body, with your inner success compass activated. This is the beginning of learning how to thrive in live, with effortless happiness and success. Nothing gives us more pleasure that showing people who to live this way. If you are interested in our luxury ayahuasca retreats, apply now by clicking on the application button to start your transformational journey.